REVIEW: Airboy #4

Story: James Robinson
Art: Greg Hinkle
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 11/11/2015

James Robinson’s public introspection concludes this week with the release of Airboy #4. Hinkle and Robinson are still trapped in Airboy’s world, and Airboy & friends are ready to take the fight to the Nazis. The duo are tasked with a highly important, highly dangerous task to help win the war for the good guys. Before accepting the task, Robinson decides he needs to think things through and ends up snorting lines of coke with the Black Angel. It’s at this moment that Robinson provides some of, if not the most detailed look into what he believes is wrong with him and what has become of his life. After some encouraging words from the Black Angel, Robinson is ready for war and accepts their task. I won’t spoil what happens on the mission or to end the story, but I can say that readers are treated to classic comic heroics and a terrific ending that neatly concludes the story.

Airboy #4 is a proper ending to one of the best comic stories I’ve read this year. In the span of four issues, James Robinson and Greg Hinkle found a creative way to reinvent a classic character and tell a story that revolves around an extremely intimate look into Robinson’s life. Robinson’s storytelling was engaging and funny, while Hinkle’s artwork never missed a step through the series.

Final Verdict: Buy it or borrow it, you need to read this book.

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