REVIEW: Alien Hand Syndrome #1

G’Day fellow Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Alien Hand Syndrome by Justin Cappello, Publisher: Insane Comics

In space.. no one can hear you howl..

This story begins inside a Star Trek like environment with a captain in the centre directing orders to their subordinates. This captain is female and she’s a dog – yes you heard right, she’s a dog! The entire crews are human-animal hybrids. They are being chased by a threat which is a bigger spaceship and the crew retreat to what looks like earth.

The story spawns off to a mysterious figure who looks like a ninja assassin infiltrates a lair, anyone in his path does not live to tell their momma! Jet (that’s the assassin’s name) then slashes some aliens (that’s what ninja assassins do) until he fights a super soldier named Twelback who’s a tad cheeky and very dangerous. Will Jet’s comrades help in time?

The story spinoff midway was a bit confusing at first which lead me to reread this book a few times in order to grasp Cappello’s direction. The art style sometimes has too much detail, being black and white comic the occasional grey on grey overlap required concentration and reread, colour would truly enhance the storytelling.

Not a terrible book, it is the first issue – hopefully there will be clarity in the story direction and character enhancements as story discourses. I’d wait to read more.


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