REVIEW: Aliens vs. Zombies #4 (of 5)

Written by Joe Brusha
Art by Vincenzo Riccardi
Covers by Jason Metcalf, Anthony Spay, Giuseppe Cafaro and Ed Anderson

Stop me if you have heard this before:

A Zombie virus – Check

A ragtag group of humans looking to survive – Check

A group of aliens ready to help out?

Zenescope, usually known for hi-jacking fairy tales and adding a touch of horror along with curves on the covers, try their hand on the already over-saturated zombie market.  Should they have bothered?

Written by Joe Brusha, it all seems a little by the numbers. A little girl in trouble? saved. Trouble in the camp? “I’ll get my bike”. It’s all a little of everything that you’ve seen before, with dialogue to match.  At one point I expected to hear a Trek-like “what is the emotion called love?” quote.

Vincenzo Riccardi is the artist picked to emulate the Zenescope style, even if it is tamer, at least in the curvy girl count, than other Zenescope books. The lines are clean for the most part, with heavy inks only making an appearance on certain panels which also benefits from some dark colors, used more for emphasis.

I am not certain what a reader expects from this book. For me, it is stereotypical faceless characters against an equally stereotypical over used threat.  Zenescope books are normally a lot better than this and fans of their work may well be disappointed in this lackluster affair.

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