REVIEW: All New Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Let’s talk trippy concepts, this is what we get in this issue of GOTG. We find ourselves looking at Gamora and her back story in a totally different light. We know she was orphaned, we know Thanos took her and trained her to be the universes most bad ass assassin but did you know Adam Warlock saved her from death, placed her inside the soul stone and hoped she could find peace there. Typical Gamora though she didn’t find peace just boredom and jumped at the chance to leave. But now she has been brought back to a dream or is it a reality she just forgot but an old woman who wants to share with her something bigger than she knows.

They wander this abyss, Gamora not impressed or happy that she must do so but she hears something ahead. She seeks its out only to find mirror images of Adam Warlock and Phyla-Vell fighting. This is not her battle but in usual Gamora style she jumps in any way, but the two fighting do not want or need her help and throw her back telling her to stay away. She is not happy about this but she moves on with the old lady to see what else is ahead of them.

They continue on their journey only to face more than Gamora could ever imagine. This is when she makes a big discovery, she may have left the soul stone many years ago but not all of her escaped and this old lady is what remains of her in this world. How will she ever move on if part of her is trapped?

To hide from sight and break the soul stones spell, old lady Gamora had to remove her eyes so that she could wander safely. This is not a though our Gamora likes the thoughts off. And with that she wonders if she ever escaped the stone at all. This is the thought that brings her back to the ship where the rest of the crew are. We find Rocket and Groot talking about retiring and living a good life. Rocket is curious as to what Gamora will do once this job is over. Her response FIND THE SOUL STONE! Rocket laughs this off because no one would pay him enough to do something that stupid!

I found this issue interesting, you get to see Gamora in a different light. The art work reminds me of scenes from Doom or even a little Sandman at times.  It is definitely one to make you think and I am looking forward to reading the next one to see where they go with this story arc. Rate 4 out of 5

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Frazer Irving
Publisher: Marvel Comics

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