REVIEW: All New Wolverine #16

It’s a good sign when your tablet freezes and you’re pissed off you can’t turn the page. Wolverine has been captured, her little “sister” is coming to her rescue and it’s all going off in the foreground of a bigger picture that’s richly detailed and immersive. The characters are compelling especially the little sister who is adorable.

The writing is self-aware enough to spot when it’s doing a Bond villain and smart enough to brush past some plot points that need to happen in order to get to an end which despite making me go “oh, OK then” was still quite good and I’m sure if I liked the character that was revealed I would be more excited.

The art is a little choppy and rough but despite that I found myself enjoying the body language and expressions on the characters. There’s a decent level of design and world building and I don’t know if it’s because I listen to a lot of synth-pop when reading comics but it felt like a high-powered episode of Miami Vice, though it could just have been the California colouring.

Good series.

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Nicole Virella and Michael Garland

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