REVIEW: All-New Wolverine #17

An excellent series. I liked the last one and this one is even better. Gambit (spoiler over from last issue) plays a small but cool role and there’s an interesting use of closure between issues that enables, via a swift womble through short exposition, the story to get to the point faster than this paragraph.

I like the art more than I did last time as well, and I liked it then. This time it’s better suited to the stories central premis, which is to fine tune the main character. Laura IS Wolverine, fantards will have to accept this, but she’s her OWN Wolverine. She has claws and ‘tude and the powers but she also has her own personality, support cast and story.

It’s a  good comic. It drives fantards nuts so I love it even more.

All-New Wolverine #17
Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Djibril Morissette-Phan and Michael Garland
Published by Marvel Comics

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