So first off let me start off by saying this comic is epic. Not only do you have Laura aka X-23 you also have her preteen clone Gabby, Ironheart and Captain Marvel all within the first few pages.

This is a strong start with an engaging storyline. These ladies are out to right a wrong and save the world while doing it.

We start our adventure with a fireball plummeting to earth. The government agents didn’t catch it on time and now it is on a collision course for Manhattan.

Wolverine and Gabby are on a boat looking for Yvgeny, the human trafficker and all self-confessed bad guy. They try to be stealthy but the shadows break with the fireball approaching so the ladies do what they do best and jump right into a fight and kick some ass.

While this is going on, Ironheart is trying to stop the fireball. Unfortunately, it’s coming in to fast so she tries to change its course and steer it into the Manhattan river, but it doesn’t work and the fireball crashes into Roosevelt Island.

Low and behold when it crashes we find out it’s not a meteor or a fireball but a space craft and inside is an alien child. She speaks but no one understands her, Ironheart holds her and sees she’s that the child is sick. But nothing can be done, the child dies in her arms and in her last breath she says one name…. Laura Kinney.

Not knowing what is happening on Roosevelt Island Wolverine and Gabby are making their way through the henchman and get their hands on Yvgeny. With only a little intimidation admits to being the head of the human trafficking operation. Quickest confession EVER!!!

Enter Captain Marvel, swooping down in glorious fashion. She tells Wolverine what is going on and that she must go to Shield.

Th update report from Ironheart is not good. A virus has been let loose on Roosevelt Island, a quarantine must happen and happen fast.

Not knowing anything about this alien Wolverine is ready to go in, Nick has the go ahead to wipe out the island to prevent further infection. All ways in and out of the island has been sealed, blown up or is ready to be fired upon. But this does not worry wolverine, she knows she must find out the link between her and this alien and she must do it fast to save the 10,000 people on the island.

So just like her mentor she jumps right in!

Epic comic, this is a must for any wolverine fan new or old!

(W) Tom Taylor (A) Leonard Kirk (CA) Adam Kubert

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