REVIEW: All New X-Men #17

I do love me some mutant malarkey now and again and while this is a part of a huge X-Men Vs. Inhumans crossover it serves up an intimate slice of it dealing with Ice Man’s relationship with Romeo the Inhuman. You see their relationship, you see the backdrop against which it might be stood, blindfolded and shot against and you hope it all works out! Not going to spoil it for you but it’s worth a read to find out.

The crossover itself seems simple enough but the reason for the big fight seems a little unclear and may be made clearer in another comic. It works in the stories favour though as half the times a soldier in battle doesn’t know why he’s been asked to shoot at people he doesn’t know either, so you gain some perspective for Ice Man.

Bagley’s art is on form here, the joy and warmth radiates of Ice Man, action scenes are suitably big and there are some magical moments to be had.

As a side note if you are bothered at all IN ANY WAY by Ice Man being gay, or depictions of homosexuality, then don’t read this comic.

Or anything I ever write again.

STORY BY Dennis Hopeless, ART BY Andrew Hennessy and Mark Bagley

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