REVIEW: All New X-Men #19

The war with the Inhumans has come to a close; the Terrigen death cloud is no more; life for the X-Men has finally slowed down. Just in time for this series to be canceled. Wait! What?

Next month a line wide re-launch is planned for the X-books. A large portion of the ongoing titles will wrap up and a new batch of books will take their place as Marvel struggles to bring their mutant related titles back to prominence within the Marvel U.

While this issue is a goodbye to the cast of characters that we have come to know and love for nineteen issues, it doesn’t feel like farewell forever; just for now. Maybe that’s the lasting impression of this comic… a lot of pomp and circumstance, without much of a payoff. Sure it was a quality read and the creators involved put out some great work, but in the end what was it all really for?

Long time readers hoped that this title would be a launching point for Marvel to get back to the days of just telling meaningful team based stories featuring a solid team and for the most part this title lived up to that promise. It was also a nice entry point into the X-universe for new readers as they became acquainted with established characters with new origins. Fans had the opportunity to meet Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Wolverine in a setting that harkens back to traditional X-storytelling while presenting these characters in a new light.

I would like to say that this issue really ramps up the excitement for the new re-launch, but instead we are treated to what amounts to a cast reunion where they talk about the fun they’ve had and wax philosophical about what the future might hold. There is also a trip back in time to an alternate dimension, but the less said about that detour the better.

In the end this series was a fun read that had no lasting impact on the bigger Marvel picture. It had good stories, good art, and a direction that could have paid off if given the time to bloom.

If you’re looking for a “feel good” X-Men story this is a solid offering. If you’re looking for something to hold you over as the industry prepares for the re-launch then this book will serve; but if you’re looking for insight or excitement about the new direction of the X-books you’ll have to look elsewhere.

While this series was a solid outing I’m not saddened to see it end. I look forward to the future and what the next round of mutant titles have to offer.

Final Score: 3 Stars out of 5

All New X-Men #19
Story: Dennis Hopeless
Art: Paco Diaz
Colors: Nolan Woodard
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel

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