REVIEW: All-Star Batman #6

I’ve just watched Sherlock, the last one. It was…OK. Not as clever as it wanted to be with little foundation to build required tension on for all the shenanigans. This was a lot like that.

Batman goes to the North Pole, fights Mister Freeze’s ice zombies, and the rest is spoilers.

It’s a simple tale told in an overly complicated way. There are poems and the Frank Miller-esque narrative boxes and there’s not a lot for it all to hang on. It’s a good story, it’s just nowt special and it’s trying to be.

The art is a bit like a cadavers insides at the hands of an epileptic pathologist, all over the place. It’s good in places and the snow gives me the urge to put my hood up. But the story telling gets a bit pish in places, there’s a lack of clarity in places that coupled with the overwrought writing makes the ending a relief.

It’s not brilliant. It wants to be, but it’s skating on fake ice.

(W) Scott Snyder (A) Francesco Francavilla (A/CA) Jock

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