REVIEW: All Star Batman #8

Well this was like a rusty cheese grater down the eye balls. The arts not bad even though I can’t be added looking up the creative team but the writing is endless drivvle that shifts gears so many times I’m not entirely sure Snyder wasn’t just taking LSD and winging it.

It’s not a clever book, it’s an average book with airs and graces that barely hold your attention. Especially as from one page to the next you hardly have a clue why anything is happening.

Snyder is a terrible Bat writer. It all reads like he’s way to impatient to get the cool ideas down and can’t lay a solid foundation to make them feel grounded. And for fuck’s sake ENDLESS black word boxes starts to play havoc on your eyes when you’re reading from a tablet.

I never thought I’d say this but come back Grant Morrison all is forgiven.

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Francesco Francavilla, Mark Morales, Dean White
Published by DC Comics

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