REVIEW: Allen: Son of Hellcock #1

Hellcock, the mightiest warrior roaming the land of New Champia, despite great victories in the Grimeran Wars has eventually fallen to his arch nemesis’ dragon.  Luckily for New Champia, Hellcock left behind a son, Allen.

Hellcock is dead!

Long Live Hellcock!

Erm, not quite.  Allen is quite not the same hero his father was.  True, Allen has his own battles to win and in this first issue, we see those battle and his first steps towards overcoming them.  Either that or he is a slacker, hoping to make it through the day to make out with a girl and not listen to the disembodied spirt of his disapproving father.  Fantasy worlds are often parodied and writing duo of Will Tracy and Gabe Koplowitz seem keen to add to that particular genre.  The pairing have created a world, that despite it’s fantasy environment, is populated with people with problems that the reader can relate to, waiting for parts to fix your car / wagon and “that” girl at the bar and of course there is the living with the ghost of family expectations all to deal with.

Artist Miguel Porto produces a book that takes on a Sergio Aragones vibe, which may poloarize readers, you either like it or hate it.  The style is somewhat simple and cartoony which suits the feel of the book, making the Spanish cartoonist seem like the perfect choice for the book. The colors on the book are bright, giving New Champia a fun look rather than the barren Lord of the Rings type of environment.

Reading the book, I had a couple of laugh out not so loud moments, which suggests that more is to come from this series.  Bear in mind, this is the first issue, so it is very much a scene setter.  The book has a huge potential for humour, bearing in mind that Will Tracy is a writer HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver; you would expect him to bring the funny which I hope will be the case in subsequent issues.

For more on Will Tracy and Gabe Koplowitz, check out the interview section for a chat with both creators with more information about Allen, Son of Hellcock and the dreaded horse-donkeys.

(W) Will Tracy, Gabe Koplowitz (A/CA) Miguel Porto
Publisher: Z2 COMICS

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