The amazing team at Altered Reality Comics will be at ComicConn in Foxwoods this weekend and they will be bringing us the latest issue of their original line of  comics. This issue is an anthology that is presenting the next heroes/villains of the Altered U that started with The Rhode Warrior back at Rhode Island Comic Con 2016.

The book starts with the story of the “Master of  the Seven Seas” Dr. Aquatic! Journey into the world of Dr. James Caspian, the world’s leading Marine Geneticist a man so obsessed with succeeding on his projects that he is willing to sacrifice everything! In a final attempt to demonstrate that his ideas are successful he makes himself the guinea pig of his own experiment. Is he successful? What happens next? Check out this great, short story of a character I’d definitely like to see more of!  The story moves well, giving you just enough information to pique your interest, the art definitely fits with the style/context of the story and stays consistent throughout with great colors!

Dr. Aquatic Story/Art Ian Nichols





Next up is Osprey Comics which follows up directly after the events of Rhode Warrior #1. A beaten and battered Osprey walks in disbelief of his defeat at the hands of the mighty Rhode Warrior. Stranded he tries to fit in as he works on a way home only to find out that his loyalty is for naught and he will be a victim of Big Horn as well  as the earth’s citizens IF he has his way! What will Osprey do? What happens next? Pick up the book to find out.

The art by the team of Campana and Nichols is amazing, very emotive, clean lines, top-notch! Action sequences moved really well! Another great short story that built great characterization that got me vested in the character. I really want to find out what happens next!

Osprey Comics, Art by Chris Campana & Ian Nichols, Story by Ian Nichols




Next up is Man of Stone, this one stars out with something of a mystery. A geologist, Elizabeth Haynes, is investigating the disappearance of her dad at a research facility where he worked. She stumbles upon a room where the owner of the facility and others scientist are studying a strange creature they discovered.We come to find out this creature is called a Rox, part of an ancient civilization of underground rock people who have live in earth for millennia now this evil-minded scientist is up to no good. Elizabeth makes a horrifying discovery and she and the creature are on the run,  Why? Find out by picking up the book!

Rich Woodall totally rocked this story, great concept with fantastic art to go along with it! This short story is a quick fun,action packed ride that leaves you wanting more!

Man of Stone, Story/Art by Rich Woodall, Plot & Edits by Ian Nichols




Lastly we get the team-up we wanted to see as soon as we were introduced to the characters. A weird storm has hit and the characters we just met jump into action!If you picked up Rhode Warrior #1 then  you know who is back! Big Horn and is horde are once again attempting a takeover of Earth. Osprey has been wanting to get his hands on Big Horn but he is ha handful.This where Osprey and Man of Stone meet, but instead of fighting one another is usual comic fashion, Our heroes actually HELP one another,, together they see some success  but feeling overwhelmed our next hero steps onto the stage, Dr. Aquatic and action keeps picking up!

The art by Joe St. Pierre is fantastic, consistent, great lines with amazing action sequences, the characters expressions were just perfect on every panel! Joe killed it!  The colors were also on point by the team of Nichols and Kennedy!

Altered Reality Team-Up Art by Joe St. Pierre, Colors by Ian Nichols & Jay Kennedy, Written by Ian Nichols

All in all this is a great ride, what comics should be! All fun, All action! New characters, new mythos, it’s diverse! You definitely should pick this up if you’re at the  show, otherwise visit the AR Comics website and get your copy ASAP!

In addition to this book, Altered Reality Comics will be holding portfolio reviews and a talent search. They are planning to grow the line next year, and are looking for some good artists to help them to do to just that. Check out the details on their Facebook page, and we will be doing this at both Colorado Springs and Rhode Island this year as well.

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