REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #12

Written by Dan Slott
Pencils by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inks by Cam Smith
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Published by Marvel Worldwide Inc.

It’s another chapter or chapters rather, of the Spider-Verse story, an event that thus far, has been quite entertaining. However, this issue could be considered as a strong candidate for the weakest link of the entire saga so far. The tie-ins associated with Spider-Verse become ever so important if it is your intent to fully grasp what is transpiring in this specific issue. This was not a book where I could say ‘hey, something happened’; I’m much more inclined to say ‘well, some things happened’.

There is a strong sense of despair among the Spiders after they watched Solus, the Big Papa Inheritor, utterly consume the Captain Universe Spider-Man of Earth-13, a.k.a. The Safe Zone. Earth-13 quickly becomes the Unsafe Zone forcing the Spiders to think on the fly…no, that was not a deliberate attempt at a pun.

You’ll be introduced to yet more Spiders while seeing more of Silk, as well as Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew). Silk’s timely intervention with the Spiders ensures their survival. Through Spider-Woman’s adventure in Earth-001, a.k.a. Loomworld, we gain a little bit more insight and knowledge about the Master Weaver. Without question, the heroines’ role in the war against the Inheritors takes a stronger turn with this installment of ASM.

Dan Slott continues to provide strong dialogue for Silk while juggling a multitude of Spiders that make their appearance in ASM #12. There were several times throughout the story though where I felt each of the Inheritors were too cliché. The team of Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith and Justin Ponsor providing the pencils, ink and color respectively, was terrific. What stood out in my opinion regarding their work, was their interpretation of the environment on Loomworld, which was majestic and appropriately dark.

ASM #12 is more of an assortment of Spider stories merged into a single regular-sized issue. After reading ASM #12, I couldn’t help but feel as if I had just watched multiple TV shows simultaneously. Although I am still very optimistic about the Spider-Verse tale in general, this was one chapter(s) I will not miss.

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