REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man # 29

It’s not easy being the CEO of Parker Industries. Being Spider-Man is no walk in the park either. Peter Parker however, seems to be much more comfortable in the role of slick talking web-slinger. It’s a good thing, since in The Amazing Spider-Man # 29 (Written by the team of Dan Slott & Christos Gage) good ‘ol Otto Octavius has returned to lay claim to the company. To his credit, he asked nicely before things got out of hand.

Slott and Gage do a good job of keeping the story interesting. The writing duo don’t seem to be bashful about showing the humanity of Peter Parker and the challenges he faces. As Spider-Man, he’s free to do and say whatever is needed to save the day. As Mr. Parker, the CEO of a major company, he has to answer to the media, and the public. With some of his recent decisions as CEO he is really under the microscope and it seems that suiting up and fighting crime incognito would be much easier than justifying his thought process and decisions.
Peter Parker being forced to answer questions as himself, without his red and blue suit. He has to justify the decisions he made as a corporate leader to invade a Symkaria. This leaves him open and exposed. As this story develops, I hope we learn more about how he manages to publicly reconciles Spider-Man’s truth into Peter Parkers corporate life. Duality can be a real pain in the neck sometimes.

Artist Stuart Immonen and Inker Wade von Grawbadger provide a beautiful foundation for Colorist Marte Gracia to work their magic. The team provides classic Spider-Man style with a subdued noir feel throughout the issue. In addition to this solid artistic team, we’re treated to another legendary cover by Alex Ross. The collection of his work is a national treasure.
What I find truly exciting about the story is there is nowhere for Peter Parker to hide. After he used Parker Industries to help liberate Symkaria, he is being forced to give answers. This is clearly uncomfortable for him.

The Amazing Spider-Man #29 lays a strong foundation for this new story arc that promises to tell us who the rightful ruler of Parker Industries is. The battle between our web slinging hero and the mayhem of one of his classic rivals is on, and fans of the series will I’m sure be thrilled. If you’re looking for a good place to pick this title up anew, there is no better time than the present.

(W) Dan Slott (A) Stuart Immonen, Christos Gage

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