REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #791: Something Old. Something New.

Hey Spidey fans, welcome to another Amazing Spider-Man review. The latest issue, #791, is part 3 of the Fall of Parker storyline and in it Dan Slott takes the web-head to some new yet very familiar ground.

With Parker Industries no more and all of its resources sold off it is time for Peter Parker to find a new day job.  Fate intervenes as an old friend, Robbie Robertson, now running the Daily Bugle offers Pete a new career utilizing multiple skill sets.  Pete accepts the job offer and becomes the Daily Bugle’s new science editor. I was very skeptical when I heard that Peter was going back to the Daily Bugle as it felt like a backslide to the character and could have negated any of the growth the character has undergone, such as having run Parker Industries.  At least going back to the Daily Bugle has a new feel to it and a different job than just taking pictures of himself.

The new career path for Peter could be interesting if written well.  As the Daily Bugle’s science editor Pete will be more likely to be around strange  unusual science experiments and in the Marvel Universe those kinds of things rarely go off without a hitch. This creates a lot of story potential and can really center Spider-Man as more science based, which always works really well for the character.  The job also utilizes skills Peter has learned not only from being a scientific genius, but also from having worked in a newspaper for so long and seeing how things are run.  He is no stranger to the newspaper game. This could be interesting if done right.

Of course we also get some Spider action as Spidey and Mockingbird team up to stop a science experiment gone bad that required the need for some spandex level help. Pete’s team at the Daily Bugle show potential and after being fleshed out could make great additions to the cast. One of his team is the accidental catalyst for the lab disaster and shows how well this direction can go.  I just hope it can stay fresh and not fall into a formula of science disaster of the issue.

Stuart Immonen gives us a more classic Spidey.  Gone are the weirdly designed Parker Industries era boots and the glowing spider.  Back is the classic red and blues. I have no objection to updating Spider-Man’s costume, in fact I loved the Ben Reilly design, but that recent attempt just did not work for me. Wade Von Grawbadger provides a lot of depth and dimension with his inks. Grawbadger’s work really compliments Immonen’s pencils and together create a very smooth visual.  Rain Beredo uses a vibrant color palate that sets the perfect mood for a Spidey comic.

If this was the Fall of Parker then I’m curious to see where he lands.

Story: 3.5
Art: 3
Overall Rating: 3.25

(W) Dan Slott (A) Stuart Immonen (CA) Alex Ross

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