REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3

Written By Dan Slott
Art By Adam Kubert

Secret Wars is a mess, with each title taking place in an “elseworld” domain on the patchwork planet Battleworld, storylines have been reduced to a series of meaningless What If? Standalones.  Most of these Comics are re imaginations of classic marvel crossovers, with little to any of the magic that the originals brought.  A quick way to sell comics in this down flux Marvel has produced so they can re organize their toy chest and start brand fresh, with the House of (M)ouses approval of course.

Out of all the titles Marvel has spit out Spider-Man, Renew your vows seems to be one of the few readable series.  Maybe it’s a case of giving the reader what he wants,  as hordes of Spidey fans lit torches and stormed the House of Ideas in the wake of One More Day storyline.  Maybe It’s series regular Dan Slott actually writing a Spider-Man story in the off season, or maybe it’s the familiar pencil strokes of Adam Kubert.

Issue three starts off strong with a show down between Spidey (now in his classic Black Digs) Vrs. A reimagined Doctor Octopuss.  I have to admit,  since the end of the Superior Spider-Man,  I have been longing to see Otto fight Peter in his own skin.  The fight isn’t long, and mostly serves as a showing of how far Peter has come from “Your friendly Neighborhood” Variety.

Still in hiding from the All ruling Baddie Regent,  Spider-Man and his family are trying to play damage control to the events of last issue,  where peter exposed himself to the public to save a group of super powered children from harm.  Now that the world knows Spider-Man is back,  both heroes and villians muster their forces to lure him and his abilities to their side.

The issue ends with a nice knock down drag out with the Sinister Six, and ends on a nice note with Annie, Peters Daughter, instilled with the same sense of responsibility her father carries.

Renew you Vows is far from perfect, but it’s a nice distraction form the Doom ruled Marvel universe as it stands now,  I’m sure none of this will matter in a few weeks when the All New All different Marvel Universe premiers. But it be nice to see Peter have his family back when the dust settles.

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