This is the second installment of one of the newest characters in the Marvel universe and guess what… she is amazing. America is Marvels first female gay Latino character and she has opened up comics to a whole new demographic. Gabby Rivera has done an amazing job providing a kick ass female lead that speaks to a very new audience.

So let’s pick up from Issue 1 where America has fist pumped her way back in time to world war 2, punched Hitler in the face and p***ed off the army and also Captain America. But don’t worry my friends because the most important military mind wants to meet her, because some how they knew she was coming, they have planned for it and they were going to use it to their advantage…Can you guess who SHE is yet ?

Once they meet the plan it put into motion and America fist pumps her way back to the here and now. Trippy right. Only poor America comes back to her empty camper van and reflects on how much she misses her girlfriend. See even superheroes get lonely.

Next morning America is faced with another challenge….preppy private school kids all wanting a bit of the action at Sotomayor U. She stops some kids from messing with Sonia but the irritation stays with her, thank goodness for her friends showing up and reminding her that they have a class to go to.

They go to Lunella Lafayette aka moon girls lecture. This is one smart 9-year-old and America loves her lectures. By the end of class their assignment is set and America teams up with the awesome X’Andria and together they are going to kick this assignments ass!!!

Later that day when America and X’Andria meet up to start the assignment, they get rudely disturbed by a trash can through their window.  America jumps out the window and finds these preppy kids have gone crazy, thinking it’s a cool party to destroy other people’s property…FYI this is not cool kids, not cool at all. She kicks a little butt and the self entitled little brats just whine and threaten to tell their mommy! Enter all the cool college students to help America settle these rowdy kids. But some of them have gotten hold of prodigy and are trying to steal the code for the simulation lab. This is not going to happen on America’s watch and she kicks more butt and saves the codes.

Next day while in class America is told that the annoying preppy kids where not even kids at all but CYBORGS !! yeah you heard me right. But the big question is where did they come from and why….The Chavez Guerrillas that’s why!

This is a great story line with interesting concepts and beautiful art work. It’s a page turner and I totally recommend you read it. Rating: 5 out of 5

Written by: Gabby Rivera
Art by: Ming Doyle & Joe Quinones
Publisher: Marvel Comics

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