REVIEW: American Monster #2

So, there is this place in America.  We have all been there, thanks to a number of books, comic books, TV shows and movies.  In this particular town there lives a monster; who is there to cause pain and misery.  The thing is………there is more than one monster!

This second issue moves things forward from last issues explosive end.  It also goes some way to add some color and background to the various townsfolk, whilst also hinting at the reasons for the new arrival’s presence and dislike of dry meatloaf.  Creator and writer Brian Azzarello continues this violent version of Eerie Indiana, where things may or may not as be connected as you would assume.  Azzarello’s strength, in my opinion, is dialogue.  Here, it shapes not just how the characters act, but impacts on how we feel about them.  Take the daughter and mother exchange opening act for example and compare with the cop and his mother moments at the end.  Each interaction drives the story forward as we get a glimpse of the demons that drive these characters in their respective directions.

Juan Doe provides the artwork for this darkness on the edge of town book.  The style matches the book well,  the characters have an edgy style which alludes to the razor edge that some of these characters seem to be living on.  Panel structure is used effectively throughout the book; the page where the cop tracks down Montclare and their doorstep discussion is a great example, the narrow panels reflective of the view you get when you talk to a door knocker through a door chain.  Doe also provides the colors  for the book, giving each area a different color scheme, using various shades for emphasis.  However great the book looks, the lettering could be stronger.  It might be because I am looking at a preview book, but I do think a heavier font would be better.

Azzarello provides a backdrop for each character giving them reasons to either succeed or fail, which is impacted by their various interactions with each other and those around them.  All in all, this is good book for those that like the their stories darker than dark.

(W) Brian Azzarello (A/CA) Juan Doe
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