REVIEW: An Apple and an Adventure

An Apple and an Adventure is an alphabet book with a simple charm and a focus on dinosaurs. Each page is devoted to a different letter and a short single sentence that contains words that begin with the corresponding letter. For example the letter N is accompanied with the line, “Nine Newts Napping at Night”.

The artwork is simplistic and fun. Kids will enjoy the visuals as they follow along with their parents, plus the focus of the book is a young child and their dino buddy. Each page is colored in a red/blue color scheme that pops of the page and each page contains new dinosaurs to look at.

I can easily see this becoming the favorite go-to book for little ones who are just learning to read and still need the help of mom and dad. This title won’t change the world of comics, but I guarantee that it will be a bedtime favorite for a lot of little fans out there!

Final Score: 3 out of 5 Stars

An Apple and an Adventure
Written and Drawn by: Martin Cendreda
Publisher: Boom! (Archaia)

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