REVIEW: Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven

G’Day Wrestling Fans!

This is Dodgy86 back into the mix bringing you Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven, in this corner you have Brandon Easton and this corner you have Denis Medri.

If you hear the name Andre Roussimoff, (unless you’re a wrestling historian) you’d probably have no idea. But Andre the Giant.. that’s another story brother! This goliath of a man is immortalized the world over, known for his sheer mass and his appearance in the grand event that staked his claim into immortality by called Wrestlemania III.

This story is not about Andre’s ventures in the ring (well it is a bit!), this is an autobiography in comic book form of Roussimoff’s life. The story begins as child in France, working for his father’s farm dealing and dealing with his increasing height until he finds a hobby that transforms his life forever. Once discovered Andre travels the globe known by numerous synonyms before being know as Andre the Giant.

This is the first autobiography in comic book form I’ve been introduced to – and in my opinion this is a great way to tell a story. To the book’s credit it doesn’t hold back as you find out Andre is a nice guy, he is human and has his demons with indulgence excessive food, alcohol and women. Easton also touches on the relationship with his only daughter, who also introduces the story. The art by Medri is special, although cartoonish and very clean and you see the uncanny resemblance of the real life characters.

Being a wrestling fan myself since the late 1990s, I knew little of the legend of Andre the Giant from renting Wrestling videos from the video stores or from references. This is a great introduction piece.

For wrestling fans alike or readers looking for an autobiography to read, this is a must read. Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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