REVIEW: Another Castle #1

I’m sorry, the princess is in another castle. Just kidding she’s here in this comic book. “Another Castle” written by Andrew Wheeler is a fun tale for all ages that is full of magic, adventure, fantasy creatures and a kicken princess! It’s a very colorful book and for a first issue plugs you immediately into a medieval time tale with a quest right off the bat! Art done by Paulina Ganuchaeu is light on the eyes and looks very bright and colorful. I think the kids and young at heart will really like this comic.

Are comic is set in the kingdom of Beldora where we meet princess Misty. She is preparing for a dance as her servants ready her and her dress. But this isn’t your everyday princess. This is a warrior princess and she can take care of herself in combat. As we get a taste of in this comic. Princess Misty is very skilled as the first few pages she throws a pair of scissors out the window like a throwing knife and dispatches a spy. Well that got my attention for sure. Princess Misty wants to know what’s going on. So she jumps out the window and lands gracefully, takes the evil vanquishing sword from the castle and then travels to the evil neighboring kingdom to dispatch the evil tyrant there. Don’t mess with Princess Misty!

So begins her adventure and discovery of her kingdom and mother’s past. This comic’s story is pretty deep. I liked the pace that’s set for the reader and I like the vibrant colors. It’s not overly violent so it’s great for the kiddos. It’s got a story anyone can get behind as Princess Misty goes through some tough beginning trials to her opening adventure. Should be interesting to see what happens in later issues because a lot happened in this first issue. It’s a full course of story, action, discovery, mystery and self realization. And thanks to Oni Press you get all that for just a dollar! So why not! Another Castle gets four out of five stars.

(W) Andrew Wheeler
(A/C/CA) Paulina Ganucheau

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