REVIEW: Another Castle #4

Ok, it does have a dragon . . .

Things are looking dire for our valiant heroes. Badlug is on their trail; Misty’s father is marching to battle, and Thrawgg the Unconquered is very close to conquering Gorga and Pete. Will they prevail over the forces of darkness, or will Misty be forced to marry Badlug in order to avert a full-out war?

Although this book included a dragon, of which I am a huge fan it basically where it ends for me.  I found the script to be a bit difficult to follow around the pages, perhaps due to my lack of time with the character or perhaps due to the rapid pace and somewhat unique panel designs.  The angular panels are not a huge issue for me, but in conjunction with the dialog and the large almost chaotic word balloons creates a somewhat off-putting vibe.  I found the art and colors by Ms. Ganuchea to be quite beautiful adding a redeeming playful feel to the story.  I understand the team is going for a feminist angle, I just never got there.  The Princess feels a bit more like a petulant teen I would encounter and quickly dismiss and less like a feminist heroine.


Story: 2
Art:  3

Written by  Andrew Wheeler
Illustrated and Colored by:  Paulina Ganuchea
Lettering by:  Jenny Vy Tran

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