REVIEW: Antlion ModMic5

Antlion Audio had reached out to a number of sites that are involved in podcasts to see if we’d like to try out a new product. CC of course accepted, going on the road sometimes, I’d been looking for  a small portable headset. This is much more than just a portable headset, it is a modular microphone, this mic can be attached to ANY headphone converting it to a headset that can be used to speak on the phone, play video games and even do a podcast.

Upon receipt of the ModMic5 I was very impressed with the packaging, very informative and attractive. The contents of the package, pictured below, consisted  adapter cables, carry case for easy portability, modular mute switch, the ModMic ,wire management clips and wire management sleeve. The y-adapters provided also fit comfortably in the carry case.

I tested the mic on all 3 platforms. On Friday I had an X-Box One gaming session with The Random Dude,The first ever #BattleOfTheCapes, I had connected the ModMic5 to my Beats headphones. Very easy process, I was done in a matter of seconds.Although sold separately Antlion provided us with the Y-adapters, these y-adapters, dependent on what you use it for, will split the audio and voice on the given device. Using the 3.5MM adapter plugged in to an official X-Box controller, Random was very surprised by how clear my voice came through, I played about 1 hour, no drop off in quality, mic held on to headphones with no issues! I can honestly say this is a great alternative to EXPENSIVE gaming headsets! I made a call after to family and they could not tell the difference if I was on my handset or a headset.

Day 2 I am getting ready for  Flipside Focus, the Undercover Capes Indie comics Podcast with the Random Dude and Dodgy. Normally I use my studio quality mic and headphones but for this episode I wanted to see how the ModMic5 held up. Using the USB adapter that was provided I plugged it into my PC, my PC and Skype immediately recognized the mic and I was ready to go! The team was surprised over the clarity going so far to state it sounds BETTER than my actual studio equipment, BIG statement but one I concurred with! I would definitely use this on the road or at home for gaming and podcasts!

The Antlion Audio ModMic5 IS the ULTIMATE high quality microphone add-on with fantastic portability & versatility! I HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone that needs a high quality option to use with their headphones across a multitude of platforms, 5 out of 5 mics!


Check out their amazing line of products at

Special thank you to the Antlion team for providing us a review sample.

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