REVIEW: Aquaman #17

War Head Part 1

Our brave Atlantean hero is on dry land, trying to bring peace for his people and those people above it. But as usual nothing is ever that easy and Aquaman faces a strange and mind numbing foe.

We start with the usual crying woman firing a machine gun at our hero. It’s always a good way to start a story I think anyway and we also see the use of telepathy straight off. This isn’t a good start for peace and harmony though.  Aquaman know someone is using this telepathy, want to help save whoever it is, knowing that this isn’t the way they really want to be…or is it??

Jump back 2 hours and no guns earlier. Aquaman is greeted by the secret service (like he actually needs them. Jump to me as I roll my eyes, now back to the review) who are going to be bringing him to his meet and greet and then to his speech to the nation. He senses that something isn’t right, and asks are the service now using telepaths for security but they say no and Aquaman shakes it off.

With Lady Mera, Erika and Murk in another state they watch he’s speech with pride and a little concern (well Murk is concerned).  He begins then he stops….he has that telepathic feeling again but like a champ he continues.  Afterward he is heading back with the secret service and he sees a vision, the service men don’t see it, so in good old Aquman style he jumps away determined to find this telepath.

He gets to the university and low and behold he gets shot at. Poor Aquaman, he never gets a break. Everyone he encounters is under mind control and they are all shooting at him with various weapons. One of the scientist he encounters tells him it’s a machine gone haywire, but our Aquaman knows it’s not just a machine doing this because he can sense the organic in it.

Then boom enter War Head. They battle begins but War head gets his hands on Aquman and forces him into a vision of war, a vision that’s so real he can feel it all and a vision of war that’s not his.

This is a fantastic beginning to a side story. I am hoping it will lead to war heads back story being told in a beautifully illustrated way. This comic pull’s you in from the start and takes hold. You want to know more, you want to know why and most of all you want to know how this so-called Machine can take over minds as strong as Aquaman’s. 5 out of 5

(W) Dan Abnett (A) Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher (CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

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