REVIEW: Aquaman #45

Written by Cullen Bunn, Art by Trevor McCarthy, Published by DC Comics

Right, before we start: In #44 Aquaman IS raped by deception, that IS a crime, even if in some backwards thinking places it’s not ACTUALLY illegal. If you believe otherwise, stop reading and continue sleeping with your sister.

Right, this is not a bad comic. It doesn’t deserve the hate it’s getting from fantards but I do feel Cullen bared his neck to the hordes when he said he was quitting before the first issue. You don’t do that, you ignore the whiny fuckers and prove them wrong.

That being said, #45 does commit one pretty big sin, it doesn’t adequately address the events of #44. I appreciate that Aquaman is stuck on an alien planet but there’s enough moments of contemplation where he could acknowledge what happened to him. Instead we get him pulling a John Carter and if you hadn’t read #44 you wouldn’t have that nagging sense of unease at Bunn’s apparent lack of realization that he wrote a rape scene.

The art’s quite good, very consistent and solid, though the inking feels a bit heavy in places and I think the design could be a bit more on display when it comes to showing off the alien world.

As a stand alone issue it’s quite good and Cullen isn’t displaying any real displeasure in his writing, but knowing what came before this issue and no reference to it sours it completely.

Hence the 2.5 score reserved for those comics you just can’t review properly.

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