REVIEW: Aquaman #52

Oh Dan Abnett! Go on then…

Oh Dan what happened? As story finales go the characters all look like they’re racing to finish line knowing there’s no one there waiting with a tin foil blanket and a Mars bar.

Aquaman fights a monster, gets the girl and that’s it.

It feels like the only way anyone could arsed is if a fat bastard sat on them. It’s written by half the creative team of one of the greatest Cosmic extravaganzas of all time but it reads like something died inside Abnett as he joins the plot points just to get it out the way. My mate loves Aquaman, I feel genuinely sorry for him.

The art is so pedestrian and straight forward. The last page is such an anti climax to the arc that even the final panel is literally a shot of the inky depths and if you stare hard enough into it you can see the dying light of the artists crushed soul.

The creative team are good enough to do something that makes fans as wet a Arthur’s inner thigh after a pissing contest so I would demand an inquest if it was within my power to do so, just to find out what the fuck went wrong. This is a character that struggles for credibility and to produce a bland, paint by numbers issue isn’t helping the guy in a gold shirt who talks to fish.

Not bothering with a score.

Publisher: DC COMICS
(W) Dan Abnett (A) Vicente Cifuentes, Juan Castro (CA) Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
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