REVIEW: Armory Wars #3 Good Apollo I’m a Burnung Star IV

Issue #3 opens up with the main character Claudio and his uncle Inferno aboard a spaceship which looks to orbiting the sun with a few planets in the background. At this point Inferno sits Claudio down and explains what exactly happened to his family. At first Claudio can’t understand why his father did what he did. But learning the truth of his family has left him angry and wanting revenge. His uncle gives 24 hours to return home and try to cope with what he has learned before they set out on they’re mission of vengeance.

What will happen when Claudio comes face to face with the evil Lord Ryan?

There was only a few problems I had with this book. One being that there was absolutely no action, this was an obvious character development book, which is fine but throw in a little action somewhere. Boom studios is a popular company if they are going to produce successful books there should be a small amount of action in each issue. The main heroes name is Claudio, that is also the first name of the person that created the story, I am not a big fan when comes to creators using their own names in they’re books especially the main hero. The only other thing is I think the title of the series is way to long it should’ve just been simply called, Armory Wars, when titles are to long it seems to make people think it isn’t a very well product, which is shame because this book was very good.

On that note, it does seem like the creator Claudio Sanchez put a lot of passion into creating his own unique universe, with new ideas which is very hard to come by nowadays. It seemed he paid extra close attention to the small details which fleshed out his story and was very well put together.

This issue put out a lot of information and to be honest none of it seemed unnecessary it all was very relevant to the story. Even though there was not a bit of action Chondra Echert wrote an excellent for relaying that much information. It makes me look forward to the following issues to see what is going to happen next, I have feeling when the action does happen its going to be monumental. It seems like there maybe a major battle right around the corner and I can not wait to see it.

Rags Morales is truly a premiere artist, I don’t think I have ever seen him produce a bad piece of artwork. I first saw Rags’ in Valiant Comics Archer and Armstrong series, but it was his involvement in the new 52 reboot for DC comics that I think catapulted his career. I am glad Boom Studios got Rags Morales to produce the artwork for this series it really makes up for the lack of action. I think it was also awesome that they included a fan art variant cover I think more comics should do that. I think most comic companies would be surprised at how many artist would provide cover work for free, just to be able to draw a comic cover of your favorite characters would be payment enough. 4 out of 5 stars

Even though there is no action scenes in this book I have to appreciate the story they are laying down it is very captivating and well written. They created a great would that I look forward to reading more about. I would definitely find issue 1 and check this series out.

Armory Wars Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV #3
Created by: Claudio Sanchez
Writer: Chondra Echert
Artist: Rags Morales
Cover: Rags Morales
Fan Art Variant Cover: Thomas Pitilli

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