REVIEW: Arsenal and Red Hood #12

Written by Scott Lobdell, art by Joe Bennett & Belardino Brabo, COLORS BY Jose Villarrubia, LETTERS BY Dave Sharpe, COVER BY Tyler Kirkham, Arif Prianto, published by DC

Well here’s a mix bag so let’s pick through the muesli to get to the raisins. Premise; bunch of hench types kidnap Arsenal and put his life up to an online vote and it’s up to Red Hood AKA Jason Todd to save him from his rather ironic fate. The 1-800 vote is as bit of a weird conceit but it does serve the plot.

I quite like Jason Todd though his return has always pissed me off. Here his relationship with Roy is the strongest thing in the comic next to the plot. The writing falls into the waffle while fighting trap now and again but and Lobdell still can’t make the Jokers Daughter interesting but it never makes her irritating at least.

The line work is strong but the colours are washed out which weakens the impact of some of the action. The design is clear but uninspired, the storytelling is good even when it gets a little clustered it’s actually more interesting to work out what’s going on rather than give up and move on.

Not one I’ll be bothering with again unless I find it going cheap.


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