REVIEW: Assassins Creed #1

Writers: Anthony Del Col & Conor McCreery
Artist: Neil Edwards
Titan Comics (Publisher)

Confession time.  I am not a huge gamer.  I own three games and each of them have the words “Batman” and “Arkham” in their titles.  That said, I am aware of the popular Assassins Creed series, of which the new next-gen game is now out.  To tie-in to the release of the latest installment, Ubisoft and Titan books have produced this new comic book series.

Charlotte de la Cruz is a strong-headed, idealistic woman, with some impressive skills when it comes to playing an online game.  After having one of those days of speaking her mind at an interview, therefore losing out on the job and illegally giving money to one of her clients at the bank, she has her world turned upside down by the Brotherhood.  From there, its down the rabbit hole with a series of revelations that would, to be fair, stun an ordinary person.  But this being a tie-in, with no real focus on character development that may stray from the game. it’s all “yep, I’m in.”

Writing duo Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery have the somewhat unenviable task of making the book interesting.  Dialogue wise, the book reads ok and I have to admit, I was interested through the first act. Unfortunately, the derivative cracks that showed up early on just plain exploded with themes from sources such as The Last Starfighter, The Incredible’s and the most glaring, The Matrix.

assassins 1Veteran artist Neil Edwards provides some strong images  that fans of the game series will appreciate, helped out by Ivan Nunes on colors.  Edwards, who has worked on a number of books from across the publishing divide, does bring a level of quality to proceedings which for me goes some way to appeasing the “seen it before” element of the story line.

Those expecting character development, adding new things to the Assassins Creed universe may well be disappointed in this book.  I am not even sure if it works as a companion book.  If Ubisoft’s plan was to make an advert for the game, utilizing cross media methods, then sure, there will be an Assassins Creed book on the rack, but is that enough reason for part with your hard-earned cash? As always, it’s each to their own but, this issue has not inspired me to break the Bat-monopoly of my gaming library.

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