REVIEW: Assassin’s Creed: Templars #2

The Assassin’s Creed have kept order and balance in the world for nearly a millennia. But who polices our silent protectors from the vile corruption so rampant all around the world? This run is answering that in a fierce way.

Darius Gift, a dim-witted descendant of a prominent family of Knights Templar, has just botched his first mission by letting a paid lady take off with the package he was commissioned to deliver to the Templars Rite in a 1927 Shanghai. While in pursuit to recover the package, and his family honor, he is stopped by two goons, whom he is fully ill trained to deal with. Then the Black Cross shows up to protect him, the same Black Cross who had just executed Thaddeus Gift, Darius father, for his corruption within the order. This is the foundation set in the first issue, and the action picks right up.

As having been a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series since the first game, I am definitely feeling this book. The Black Cross is the boogeyman of the Order, so secretive that most don’t even believe he is real. To that end, the Templar in general aren’t even sure if it’s a he or a she or several people. However, he is very real, and is one ferocious warrior. And a black man, which is amazing, not just for diversity sake or his name’s sake, but it is nice to see a minority keeping the generally white members in line. Historically ironic, but just nonetheless. He is the reckoning for any disloyal or corrupt among the Order, and these Assassins tremble at the thought of him.

This issue begins to dive more into to how this particular Rite, or group, operates in Shanghai and their trepidation’s of the rumors of the Black Cross. It seems almost for the sake of equilibrium of such a strong force, that our main character Darius, be so massively unprepared for the task at hand. Nevertheless, he is determined to see his mission through. The stage is set for the mystery to unfold and see who is behind all this.

Writer Fred Van Lente and artist Dennis Calero team up again for the third time. They previously worked on the Cowboys and Aliens graphic novel together, as well as X-Men Noir limited run. Calero’s artwork is noir-ish, fitting the time period. The Black Cross is visually shrouded in mystery but still menacing looking all at the same. Van Lente is crafting an intriguing mystery that I am looking forward to see its completion.

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Dennis Calero
Colorist: Dennis Calero
Publisher: Titan Comics

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