Review : Astro City # 24

STORY BY: Kurt Busiek
ART BY: Brent Anderson
Publisher: Vertigo

G’day True Believers!!

Dogdy86 is back in the mix, bring you a review on Astro City # 24 by Kurt Busiek with art by Brent Eric Anderson with cover by Alex Ross.

To be honest, I know of Astro City from the 90’s – I am completely new to it and I have no expectations.

We’ve all gone through stages where we don’t know what we want with our lives and we make changes even though it’s not the best decision. This is when we meet Sticks a Gorilla who is tired of being a Super-hero and wants to go back to his roots and become a drummer for his old garage band (like his namesake) with his laid back buddies.

I know beating the drums is a good way to release stress… but how long will he withhold using his fists instead of his drumsticks?

Being a first time reader I am impressed, it’s almost like a soap opera with Superheros with real-life issues. The story is well written and every character’s development is through their dialog considering it’s a single issue, showing flaws no matter their powers. Sticks is a likable character who seeks his own identity through experimentation.

Based on this story alone; It does not contain over the top action and graphic violence but is an enjoyable read. I’d like to read more!

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