REVIEW: Atomic Robo #3

So I started reading this. Felt my eyes getting heavy, thought “this is a bit mean, the premise and recap made it sound good and I’m shattered I’ll try again later…”

Brief nap.

Nope this comic is really really PAINFULLY boring. I struggled to get through oceans of expository drivel, came up against an army of characters that if they were a flavour it would be oatmeal, without jam. The plot is like the skin on an anorexic rib cage, stretched thinly over a basic structure. I gave up on the dialogue.

The art is awful. It looks like it should be quirky and fun but when you look at it you start to notice things like eyes floating up faces, camera shifts that stall the story telling and page after page of talking heads that fail to grip the interest. The colouring is all flat, there’s a fight scene were we are led to believe characters are punching each other so hard it’s shaking a mountain, the only thing that was shaking was my head. There is no action in the “action” scene just characters squeezed into panels posing badly.

I really tried to like this, I thought it would be good, but scenes shift so fast I could sue IDW for whiplash, characters do some incredibly stupid shit that made me wonder if the writer has trouble tying his shoes and the whole thing is depressingly disappointing.

Written by Scott Wegener, art by Anthony Clark, published by IDW

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