REVIEW: Autumnlands #13

It’s been a minute since I’ve wandered through Kurt Busiek’s world of Autumnland, where anamorphic animals wield magic, and Gods run amok. The first trade was my introduction to this realm, and it’s nice to see that the more things change the more they stay the same. Busiek is still providing an amazing story for fans of fantasy to enjoy. The varied characters of this series are all so strongly fleshed out that a reader could never confuse two characters as ever being the same, which given how each character is a different species would be hard to do, but being the pro that he is Busiek’s  story would still carry even if all the visuals were taken away.

Speaking of visuals, this story is surrounding Dusty, Learoyd, and Aelbert and their survival of a collapsed Galitaan temple, and their encounter with a deity and the remaining Galitaans who are more than a little upset at the destruction of their home.

The issue is a bit too complex for new readers to jump on. I would strongly suggest going back to the beginning of the series and getting your feet under you before you get lost in complicated plot. If I’m judging this as a stand-alone issue, then I would say that it raises a ton of questions about who each and every one of these characters are, their personalities and their motives. The plot is intriguing without being so dense that it completely cuts off new readers, but if you want full enjoyment of the comic and what it is offering to the over-all plot then you need to take my advice and go back to the beginning.

The art is fair, with some panels looking superb while others looked rushed and stilted. You can tell where the artist spent their time and where the deadline began to creep into their thinking.

Final Thoughts: Without spoiling too much plot I will say that the end of this issue will leave you hungry for the next. As usual this is a solid offering from a professional group of creators.

Final Grade: 3 Stars

Autumnlands #13
Story: Kurt Busiek
Art: Benjamin Dewey
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: John Roshell, Jimmy Betancourt of Comicraft
Publisher: Image Comics

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