REVIEW: Avengers #2

Is it that time again already? Is it time for another Avengers reboot? How many does that make for the decade? This is getting ridiculous. Marvel can you please just stop with the new launches. Stick to a series! How do you expect fans to stay loyal to a title when as a company you can’t stand behind a series that last longer than thirty or forty issues?

All that aside, let’s dive into a convoluted time traveling tale about how the Avengers have to stay in limbo to avoid complete annhilation of their lives at the hands of Kang. It’s just as complex as it sounds and more so. Somewhere between the talk of time paradoxes and multiple time streams I needed to wrap my head in a cold cloth to stop the headache I was giving myself with all of this useless jargon.

To break it down in a way that normal people can understand it; Kang went and killed all of the Avengers in their cribs when they were babies, save for Hercules; who has a birthday that no one can remember because it was never written down. (Handy plot device)

Herc goes about the business of saving baby Kang from adult Kang but is stopped by an alternate timeline Kang who is helping the Avengers by whisking them away to limbo to avoid death in the time stream … and now my headache is back.

Mark Waid has done phenomenal work on the Avengers in the past. This introductory run just doesn’t stack up to his previous work. The book fells like it’s missing something. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there is an element that seems to be gone in this new series. Throw in the weird time travel bits and it makes for a rough read.

On the other hand, Mike del Mundo is bringing a very different art style to the Avengers. With a flair that lands somewhere between art deco and Alex Ross; del Mundo’s visuals are a unusual breakaway from the traditional style that has been found in recent Avenger books. I can see how art like this will divide the readership, those that like it will love it and those that don’t care for it will hate it.

Final Thoughts: At the end of the day this book feels like it’s still trying to find its feet and its voice all at once. I’m not sure if fans will stick around long enough to find out if either happens.

Final Grade: 2 ½ Stars

Story: Mark Waid
Art: Mike del Mundo
Colors: Mike del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel

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