REVIEW: Avengers #4

It’s Mark Waid. Do you need to read this review? I can hear the eyes rolling as yet another Marvel mainstream comic gets a glowing review but you know what? They are making bloody good comics. One word, KANG!

I love me some of the purple helmeted megalomania with a swirl of time travel, and this gives you a full account of a villain clinging to his delusions  like a man who accidentally screamed his ex girlfriends name while hitting the vinegar strokes with his wife. It’s a collection of big panels telling a time spanning biography with nuggets of intrigue liberally sprinkled though it.

The art is jaw dropping beautiful and it’s a painted (possibly) style that could so easily make the page look too busy  but with contrasting colours, empty spaces instead of panel boarders and a clean style each page gives you something special that you get more out of each time you see it.

I’m getting the trade, you should to.

Writer: Mark Waid
Penciller: Michael Del Mundo
Cover Artist: Alex Ross

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