Review: Avengers #9

Well the Avengers could use Thor’s help to defeat Captain America and Hydra, but she is MIA. And Avengers #9 acts as a solo Thor story to tell where Thor has gotten herself hightailed off to.

Told from the perspective of a kindly native of some unknown alternate dimension, who believes that Thor is an alien, just a delusional one that thinks she is a god. Still he takes her in, feeds her and allows her to rest before they take off to find her a way home.

It turns out that they used to have a highly advanced civilization until another being from another dimension, Yod arrived and stomped the locals into submission and made everyone farmers. But Yod may have a device to get Thor back home.

Much like in her own book, Thor spends much of this one showing what it means to be a god, especially to people she never expect to receive any worship from. Mark Waid (Archie, Black Widow, The Flash, Daredevil, Champions) turns in a great story. He really gets what makes Thor Thor and exploits that here.

However, Mike del Mundo’s art did nothing to help the story along. Del Mundo’s (Guardians of the Galaxy, Totally Awesome Hulk) art seems to draw all figures and landscapes as if they were made from especially melty wax that had been left under a heat lamp for several hour too long.

I was hoping I could find something in his art that I could love and use that to turn myself around, but I really couldn’t. I have loved other work that del Mundo has done on other books, but not this one.

I get that Waid and del Mundo wanted to explore what is happening with Thor, but couldn’t they have had a way to work in any other Avengers? I love Thor and read her title regularly, but when I read the Avengers I want all the Avengers not just the solo story of one of them.

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Mike del Mundo
Colorist: Mike del Mundo with Marco D’Alfonso
Cover Artist: Alex Ross

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