REVIEW: Awake #4

Story by Susan Beneville, art by Brian Hess, published by Action Lab.

Well before I read it I’m annoyed. Was hoping for something shit to scrape off but nooo I had to go for the most recent comic in the box. Well here goes.

Lads, ladesses…RECAP PAGE! Fucks sake…

Other than that, great comic. So disappointed, need a rant. The story was perfectly paced, and any exposition was woven into the narrative enough to catch the plot threads. Still, need a recap, it frees up the story to move on rather than retell. I will not let that go.

The line work is very Jeff Smithian, but it’s inspired by rather than swiped. The same passion to, if a little raw in one or two places. The characters, facial expressions and design are all distinctive and carry a classic feel.

It’s another excellent example the medium, I’ll never get tired of Action Labs and they need to find a way to get their work further out there because this is the kind of company that will help sustain comics.

Now I need to find some shit to wade through before I develop diabetes from being too nice.

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