REVIEW: Awake #6

Written by Susan Beneville, art by Brian Hess, published by Action Lab Entertainment

No recap, no clue, still a good comic. Ice Sled chase, cat people, pissed off prisoners and an evil Baron, all written distinctly in clear cut situations that the comic itself flows well despite not knowing where it flows from.

Susan Beneville’s script is snappy and there’s a talking heads scene in a prison that in the hands of another writer would have been as exciting as Panda sex but here she makes it really interesting and weaves a little exposition in, which helps.

The art is enthusiastic at worst, otherwise it’s rather like a Tango Cheese Dorito, strong and crisp. Here and there the story telling is a bit wobbly (a sequence where the villain drops into the sled is a bit rushed) but beyond that it marries the art to the story excellently. The aforementioned prison scene is balanced perfectly between script and art.

Good comics, and good comics for young people to! Thank you Action Labs, you do comics proud you do. Please note, a recap in the editorial page would have got the fifth star! 4.9/5


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