REVIEW: Azteq vs The Prowler

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Azteq vs The Prowler by Roberto Mercado and Kudo Krunch. Proudly published by Lucha Comics.

Just when you thought it was safe to make out in an isolated forest backdrop known as the Lonely Woods, evidently they haven’t watched any horror movies! There is an attacker roaming in the woods as he preys on unexpected couples, killing the men and kidnapping the women. Who is this Prowler? The champion Luchador known as Azteq’s girlfriend is one of those kidnapped and he teams up with a police officer to help hunt this Prowler.

I like the premise of the story, I am a wrestling fan and I am honored to read a comic about a crime fighting Luchador!

However, I have some issues with the story. I did enjoy the opening story when we see the killer at work and also Azteq in action in the squared circle, I felt it fell flat from the meeting between Azteq and the police officer Longley, it seemed rushed and too safe. The line where Azteq telling Longley “I’m going with you — This sounds like too much for one man” was cheesy, he’s a cop he can call for back up. I’d rather a bit complication between Longley and Azteq; for example, Longley cannot trust Azteq because he is a suspect and Azteq goes vigilante and jumps in when Longley is unable to restrain the Prowler. This is not a terrible read, it is easy to follow and I do like the art and the use of black of white work, giving readers less is more!

Fans of wrestling and horror will embrace this book, support indie comics so do check it out! I’m intrigued to see more Azteq stories.

Check out the trailer for the Azteq vs The Prowler of The Lonely Woods movie here:


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