REVIEW: Baltimore: Empty Graves #5 (of 5)

Bloody good horror and action!

The Blood-Red Witch has vanished taking Baltimore with her and leaving the remaining members to fight off her followers.  Dr. Rose, Kidd and Professor Murad discover the Basilica Cistern could be the “Mother of Monsters” they have been searching for.  When Baltimore awakes he finds Thomas being used as a vessel in a ceremony for the Red King.  The story flashes to Sophia and Harish witnessing the moon’s change and expecting the worst.

Jumping into this Volume at its climax was a challenge but the duo provide enough information to make for an enjoyable, although question filled, read.  Ultimately, the writing was successful in engaging the reader and eliciting an emotional response.  That’s a great comic in any genre and even more impressive when picking up the last issue of an arc.  Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden provide an excellent finale to Volume 7 and more importantly leave the reader clamoring for Volume 8 to begin.  I can make a logical guess on the beginning plot of Volume 8 and if my theory is correct the series will continue to shine!

The art from Peter Bergting along with colorist Michelle Madsen are a perfect companion to the script.  You really get it all here; beautiful glimpses of architecture, animated corpses and whiffs of strikingly colored magic.  The mutualism between the entire art group is near perfect for me; lines, colors and letters symbiotically exist within the story and never divert the reader.  I cannot leave out the cover art credit to Ben Stenbeck with Dave Stewart colors.  Just a glimpse at the cover provides a would be reader enough intrigue and highlights the gravitas of the titular hero.


The conclusion to Volume 7 leaves so much anticipation for the next chapter and gives a new reader every reason crave the prior content.  What more could any comic book fan want.  The melding of horror and action with a pinch of cinematic climax is near perfection.  Well done to the creators and Dark Horse publishing for an excellent addition to the world of comics.

Story:  4.75
Art:  4.75

Story: Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden
Art: Peter Bergting
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Letters: Clem Robins
Cover Art: Ben Stenbeck with Dave Stewart

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