REVIEW: Bankshot #3

This was my first issue of Bankshot and to be honest I’m not impressed. I would really like to pour over the details of this series so I can bring our readers up to speed with what this issue is about, but this entire comic is one long, drawn out action sequence, sprinkled with lame flashbacks that reveal next to nothing about the plot or the character. I had to use the summary at the beginning of the issue to bring you this bit of information:

Marcus King is on the trail of the Dutchman—the man who shot him in the back and left him crippled.

If I didn’t have that little bit of info at the start of the comic I wouldn’t know what the hell was going on in this issue. In fact it would be three pages before I knew the first name of the main character! Too many pages are devoted to a violent gun fight between Marcus and a hi-tech swat team that he runs into… why they are fighting is only partially revealed by the latter parts of the comic. (The team of unnamed bad guys are guarding “The Dutchman”)

The violence is over the top and pointless. Marcus presses one of the guards for information by holding a pistol to the guard’s dick, and once Marcus has the information needed shoots the poor sap in the privates for his troubles. It’s this kind of pointless bravado that infests this comic. The entire issue is nothing but cheap filler. It’s like a huge hamburger bun with nothing in between. No meat, no substance.

Marcus has nano-bot technology that gives him fancy armor and allows him to heal from his paralysis as we learn about in flashbacks. That is really the main take-aways from this issue. Marcus is fighting his way to the mysterious Dutchman…because?… reasons.

The artwork is serviceable, but wasted on a crap storyline. I know that De Campi can write better than this. I’ve read multiple examples. This seems like a half-baked idea that was rushed to press. I don’t know if the creative team was pressed for time or if this was just an oversight by editorial, but someone dropped the ball by letting such a flimsy book make its way to market. I’m surprised; I would expect a title like this to be produced by newcomers on Kickstarter, not seasoned veterans being published by a fine company like Dark Horse.

I would avoid this title at all costs. This is a hard pass and I feel bad for comic fans that might have picked this up on a whim. Final Score: 1 out of 5 crotch shots!

Bankshot #3
Story: Alex De Campi
Art: Chriscross
Colors: Snakebite Cortez
Letters: Alex De Campi
Publisher: Dark Horse

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