REVIEW: Barb Wire #2

Created by Chris Warner
Script by Chris Warner
Pencils by Patrick Olliffe
Inks by Tom Nguyen
Colours by Gabe Eltaeb
Lettering by Michael Heisler
Cover by Adam Hughes

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or do, your choice…The cover is stunning. But then it’s Adam Hughes so expect nothing less. It’s simple yet stylish.

A long, long time ago in the last issue…Steel harbor is over run with street gangs. Barb is about to lose her bar. She’s being followed by a camera crew for a reality TV show and there’s a big bad in town named Wyvern Stirmblüb gunning for her. Just another day in the life of the sexiest bounty hunter.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…We begin with a motor cycle race between two loud mouth thugs, as they start off they’re joined by a third rider, Barb Wire. She take out one rider by knocking him off the docks and chases the second. Cornering him in an alley. The camera crew love the excitement, Doesn’t take much to apprehend him. But before she can pay her self on the back the rest of his gang come shooting to try and save him. She loads up her collar and heads out. The TV crew follow her all night as she catches perp after perp. The last one of the night is taken to the police station for processing, when who should burst in but a very drunk Wyvern Stormblüd to free everyone for merriment and fun. The police can’t stop him so barb try’s but this guy is way too powerful. He ends up freeing loads of guys and continues in his way. Barb heads back to her bar to recover where two leaders of different gangs bust her chops for locking up their men. Too bad Barb doesn’t care. She needs to stop Wyvern for the bounty to save her bar so her brother gives her a handy little power nullifier. That’ll come in handy next issue.
This is a really strong issue. The art is on point. The story is fast paced and you get to meet all the main players. We got one guy calling her babe. But she didn’t say what we were all expecting her to say. Overall a strong issue. The cover alone is worth picking it up.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…No deaths but a lot of fighting. Fair bit of blood. Nothing too over the top.

The Good, the Bad and the Meh…
The Good – the artwork. The cover. The pacing.
The Bad – a few little jokes fall flat.
The Meh – all the guys seem very dumb. Like over the too dumb to make Barb look smarter.

A very strong 4.5 star read.

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