REVIEW: Barb Wire: Vol. 2 #8

STORY BY Chris Warner
ART BY Patrick Olliffe, Tom Nguyen

And now, the end is near; and so I face the final curtain… or maybe not.

The eighth issue of this second volume, chronicling Barb’s adventures, sees the current threats reach a conclusion as adversaries, friends and blue suited individuals come to ahead.  But where does that leave Barb?

Written by creator Chris Warner, the issue shows a number of facets to Barb which should show her adaptability.  However, it comes across that Barb is a guest star in her own story as things not only occur round her but she is also made out to be a bit naïve and as such, used throughout the whole story.  Now this run is the first time I have spent any real-time with Barb, but I feel like I have been sold a $3 bill.  From what I did know prior to this run, I expected her to barbwirebe much more capable than shown here.  OK, I guess sometimes you have to knock down before you can build back up, but looking back, there seems to have been a lot of stuff happening, though nothing of any consequence born from it.  Warner continues to fill this  world with enough stereotypes to make an action movie blush, from the big bad’s machinations, to chief blue suit getting  caught with his pants down, all the way to Barb’s dialogue.

Pat Olliffe continues his consistent approach to the artwork.  If anything, he is poorly served bet yet another round of talking head panels, although he does fill the panel with details such as cables and other computerised requirements.  When it finally comes to the action, it’s shown in a quick and efficient manner. Tom Nguyen provides inks helping keeping the lines clear throughout the issue.  Whilst we are taking art, check out the fantastic Adam Hughes cover, which has absolutely nothing to do with the issue.

I have to admit, when I started reviewing this series I kind of expected a different type of book, something a tad grimier a little bit more real world.  After all, it does feature a bar, gang members and various bounty hunters.  To have this arc include more technological cliché has somewhat disappointed me.

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