REVIEW: Batgirl #11

Son of Penguin, Finale

This is a great ending to this run in the series, joining the dots, and really showing off Batgirl’s potential in this new rebirth universe. The writing is clever and focuses on opening this series up for millennial’s who may not have been comic readers before. The illustration is crisp and bold, with excellent use of space and proportions in the pages making it easy to follow for the newer readers to get use to.

We begin this epic finale with Batgirl crashing through the glass ceiling (no pun intended) of the Penguin’s office so that she can stop whatever it is Ethan has planned for his father. Ethan in his normal cocky manor welcomes her to his surprise party to celebrate his father’s retirement. Something the Penguin isn’t aware of. Ethan has completed his Vector suit and now he can control people. Not a good thing might I add. He refers to his control as Murmuration (it’s when a flock of starlings fly in unison, known as Black Sun). With his flash mob under his control he tells them to kill his dad while he runs off. As usual Batgirl saves everyone from doing any harm and saves the Penguin. He wants to run too but not before Batgirl has a little chat with him about Ethan.  Turns out the Penguin doesn’t really care what happens to Ethan so off Batgirl goes to find him and save the day.

He uses all his tricks to allude he in the chase even using footage of her saving the Penguin but making is look like something else to try to stop her.  He compels people to kill her but she escapes. Knowing now that he us using internet access to fuel his suit.

She must find a way to stop him and the only way is to get him into a no signal zone (how Millennial inspired is that). She come up with a plan to get him away from the city and to end this madness. She lays the bait and he follows, not realising that his suit will not work in the park, and with one little kick to the chest by Batgirl his suit erupts in electrical current. He didn’t think of close combat when making it obviously.

With Ethan off in the hospital and under guard, things look safe again. Batgirl and her friends can get back to their normal lives for a while, partying hard as most college students do. Little does she know that while she is having some fun for a change Ethan is being stolen from the hospital but his father no less…where is he taking him? Why now does he care? And what the hell are they going to plan for our Hero?

I enjoyed reading this series and look forward to seeing what other adventures Batgirl gets up to. My Niece is going to love this. 5 out of 5

(W) Hope Larson (A) Jonathan Lam (A/CA) Chris Wildgoose

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