REVIEW: Batgirl #42

Written By: Cameron Stewart and Brendon Fletcher
Art by: Babs Tarr

Daddy Daughter Day

Batgirl #42 is the second in a two part story that puts Barbara Gordon and the new Batman, Jim Gordon in your classic super hero team up.

There’s a lot of dynamic in this story. Barbara knows her father is in the suit,  Jim does not know Batgirl is his daughter.  To add a little bit of feels to the equation,  Jim confides his new identity almost immediately to Barbara,  confiding in her that he will be dressing up like a bat and fighting crime because he wouldn’t want her to find out another way, if anything were to happen to him.  This as you can tell kinda hits Barbara where it hurts.

additionally,  our new Batman is a GCPD issues Mech.  Who reports to the police and is fully sanctioned.  Like another familiar man in an iron suit, Jim doesn’t like unregistered superheroes running around his city.  And knows sooner than later the powers to be are going to point their new bat toy at Bruce’s old companions.  In a touching moment Jim disables his suits security cameras to confide his respect for Batgirl in what she and her companions have done for the city in their time, and gives her a running start.

Together they take down Live Wire, a meta human DC supervillan who can control electrical currents.  Jim in his new tenure has fought almost exclusively Super Powered villains, and this continues the trend.

I’ve really been enjoying this new team on Batgirl,  it’s really shined as a more lighthearted superhero affair that’s more attuned with Miss Marvel and Amazing Spider-Man then it is with Batman. As much as I miss Oracle, I love Babs back in the suit and Tarr’s art never disappoints.

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