REVIEW: Batgirl #5

Before we go any further, DC, the whole “rebirth” thing? Over it, move on, it was a stupid looking banner to start with.

Wasn’t sure about this at first, the immediate reaction to the art was it’s good, but an odd choice for a teen friendly book…BUT as it went on the vague manga vibe, cool expressions, slick movement and generally good story telling sank in and it really works. No overt sexualization either, makes a refreshing change.

The story starts in the deep end of media res but the gist gets picked up pretty quick. The dialogue ignores the coquettish lure of exposition so you do rather feel like a wallflower between Batgirl and Teacher,  the villain of the piece, as they fight it out…somewhere that looks like a training shoe sweatshop.

It’s all good. Great for a teenage girl, decent read for middle-aged men.

Written by Hope Larson, art by Rafael Albuquerque, published by DC

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