REVIEW: Batgirl #7

Son of Penguin

DC Universe Rebirth

Don’t you just hate it when you come back from your travels and your favourite coffee place has been turned into a pet store. Well this is the first upset that our fearless Barbara faces when she returns home.

She is now back in university after changing her major again to study to be a librarian (a regular one and not like one in the television show, although that would be pretty cool). She meets with her best friend who then tells her that their rent is doubling, she is moving out to live with her girlfriend and Babs is going to have to find a new place to live and a new house mate.  But does this faze our Batgirl, hells no. In true hero style, she hugs her friend and is happy for her. Now take note everyone, be happy for your friends even when things don’t work out for you. Three pages in and already an epic Bat lesson learned.

Bab’s heads to class to meet her new tutor and finds he is on the same wave length as her, realising that being a librarian isn’t just pushing books and sitting around but is about helping people. This hits home for her and she starts to think about how her company is affecting the local area.  Her class is then hit with the usual you need work experience so volunteer in a library, there are details on the college notice board. Where is she going to fit that in as well as her other after college job?

On her way to another friend’s party, she notices all the homeless people in the area. But what upsets her most is the way people are talking about them and treating them. This does not sit well with our caped crusader.

She arrives at the party, an indoor pool party, meets her friend and sees how happy she is with her girlfriend. This is such a great representation of LGBTQ  is makes my heart smile. (Side note you guys, my 8-year-old niece who happens to live in a small town in upstate new York recently told me that she liked Batgirl and comics. This made my century let alone my day. But it’s the bigger picture that made me smile, I’ve sent her some Batgirl comics and its opening her eyes and makes her ask questions. This makes me proud to be a comic nerd and also it helps educate a whole new generation. Now back to the review)

While at the party Bab’s overhears some not so nice people talking about the plight of the city and the homeless people destroying the neighbourhood being “a safety hazard”. This infuriates Bab’s and she begins to tell these people that they should look at themselves and the large companies they work for and how they treat this world. Try finding some compassion. Epic Bat lesson number two!

Overhearing this a handsome stranger comes over and complements Bab’s on a point well made. Bab’s tells him that she had hoped for better when setting up Gordon Clean Energy. On revealing this the stranger asked if she is Barbara Gordon and that he has heard a lot about her. He then introduces himself as Ethan and tells her that he runs a company called Vicform. After a little more chat Ethan asks Bab’s out for a coffee. She acccepts and he gives her his card. She looks down sees his name and then DON DON DON!!!!! Sees his name is Ethan Cobblepot. She asks if he is related to the penguin and with a smile he said “ I just call him dad”

The next day she calls her fellow crimefighter Nightwing to talk about what happened the night before. While fighting an epic robot Dick’s first question is “are you not into chicks anymore?” This made me lol. They then continue the conversation trying to determine if Ethan is evil or not. By the end, Bab’s decided to use the so-called date as recon mission.

While walking home she hears other obnoxious people complaining about a homeless man. The guy takes out his phone and tell the girl that there is a new app you can use and someone will come get rid of the homeless people. This makes Bab’s mad and she chooses to stay and see what happens. After a long wait a van arrives with two big guys who pick up the homeless man a throw him into the van and off they go.

The van pulls up in the warehouse district and the two guys meet a woman in a lab coat and tell her they have another one for her and want payment. She wants to inspect the goods first.  They open the door and BAM! Out flies our Batgirl. She knows this woman, its Fright! They fight, Batgirl wins and gets some vital information and all in time for her recon date with Cobblepot.

And we are then left with a to be continued.  Personally, I can’t wait it’s a  5 out of 5 from me .

Written by Hope Larson
Art by Christian Wildgoose and Mat Lopes
Published by DC Comics

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