REVIEW: Batman #11

I think it’s about a prison break, sort. Catwoman gets a big gear shift in the personality department and Batman does the square root of fuck all throughout the issue.

Punch and Judy are in this and they’re fucking irritating, Catwoman feels irredeemable and while I’m all for development this feels like it will take another Crises/Flashpoint/Zero hour…Legends? Rebirth? Meh. It’s written OK but it feels a bit flat despite the “kooky” characters.

The art is a step up from Capullo, whom I used to love back in his image days but his work on Batman lacked the solid but fluid lines of Janin and his excellent depiction of movement. The art tells the story better than the writing.

It’s weird, the whole thing feels more solid than Snyder’s run, but lacks the epic scope that Snyder couldn’t keep under control.

Written by Tom King, art by Mikel Janin, published by DC

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