REVIEW: Batman #14

Well, that was…lovely?

Simple, straight forward, no crossover tie in, no convoluted bullshittery from Bruce Wayne’s past just an elegant story about Batman and Catwoman spending their last night together. It’s sweet and sad and funny, especially the sequence with the villains. The dialogue dances around the central premise as the two try to postpone the inevitable for as long as possible and you really feel Damocles sword hanging there waiting to end it all.

The art is a nice change of pace, rough patchwork inks in tight lines superb storytelling and you really feel the night air in every panel. There’s no gratuity either, bar one cute shot of Catwoman going through a window, but it serves the story rather than distracts you with titillation.

So good, it reminded me of the highlights of the old Legends of the Dark Knight run and frankly this is so much better than Snyder’s run it hurts.

Batman #14
Written by Tom King,  art by Mitch Gerads, published by DC

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